Scale certification

Are your scales certified? Why, as a business owner or company do you need to get your certificates certified? How regularly should this be done?

Scales which are used to either buy or sell materials should be certified to be legal.

The requirements for certification depend on the scale size and what it is being used for.

Pallet Scales

Scales that are used to weigh small quantities for example, postal scales, have different requirements from those used to weigh large quantities.

It is therefore important for any business owner to get their weighing scale certified with the correct regulatory body.

Why is Scale Certification Important?

  •      It shows that scales meet legal  requirements

It is a legal requirement for all weighing equipment to be verified as legal for trade. This means it has to be tested and its accuracy ensured.

  •      Ensures Regular maintenance of Your Scales

The need to regularly certify your scales ensures they are well maintained.

  •      Ensures Confidence

Certifying all your weighing scales gives your customers trust in you and also instills their confidence in your business.  After certification, you are provided a sticker which shows that your scale is regularly maintained and is accurate.

Pallet scales

Pallets scales are a wide variety of scales which are manufactured for use in different in industries. How are pallet scales used?

They are especially designed to be used to weigh heavy objects. They can be used as U-frame, dual pallet scale, pallet platforms and pallet trucks.

Pallet scales are efficient and saves the business both money and time.

Pallet scales are very cost effective and suitable for use convenient to be used in weighing of different appliances.

We’ll briefly look at the different types of pallet scales available in the market and their functionality.

There are three types;

 Pallet platform scales are large capacity weighing scales. They are placed flat on warehouse floors and has sloped ramps which allow for animals or goods to be easily maneuvered on the platform.

Platform truck scales uses both forklift action and heavy-duty weighing scales and this allows for goods to be easily weighed and moved. They are time saving and easy to operate. They can also be used in tight spaces.
Pallet beams have to weigh beams which are placed under large pallets.  They also have strong and long cables that allow the beam to either expand or contact depending on platform size.