NTEP scales

What is NTEP scales? Why should you purchase NTEP scale? Let’s look at reasons to not buy cheap electronic scale and instead go for NTEP.

NTEP stands for National Type Evaluation Program.

NTEP approved scales are scales which have been approved by the manufacturer to be used in commercial uses when it is required for goods to be sold by weight.

One should ensure that an electronic scale is suitable for its intended use.  Ensure suitability by checking the minimum weight that can be used and the scale and the maximum weight

NTEP approved scales are considered legal for trade. NTEP also assess equipment attached to the scale that can affect the measurement process and the final reading.

NTEP approved scales have NTEP certificate or conformance number listed on it. This makes it possible for local inspectors to have access to the information and to have a copy of the certificate when needed.  This also helps with the verification process of compliance to NTEP set standards.

Electronic NTEP scales are classified into three classes;

Class I

Class II

Class III

Class I and II scales are usually used in laboratories and some other higher precision weighing.

Class II commercial scales are weighing scales not so specific in their accuracy.

Why buy NTEP Scale

NTEP scale is a protection against poorly manufactured products. NTEP scales are tested thoroughly before being released for use.

Electronic scales

Electronic scale is the most ideal scale to use in all weighing requirements.

They are a common choice used in laboratory experiments, manufacturing companies as well. They are especially important in situations where exact amount of substance is needed to attain the desired results.

Electronic scales have become even more important and popular because they are easy to use.

How to use an electronic scale

  •             Place the scale on a flat surface. The working station should be free from wind and other elements
  •             Press On button and weight for the scale display to read zero.
  •             Use tongs or gloves to place the container or substance to be weighed on the scale
  •             Press zero and deduct the weight of the container
  •             Carefully add the substance to be weighed on the container
Reasons to Use electronic scale
  •         It uses a single platform and electronic sensor to display weight.
  •         They are very precise and accurate.
  •         Uses electricity
  •         Easy to calibrate

You can buy cheap electronic scale for your daily use as they are more user friendly. However, ensure they are NTEP scale